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Lithium Cell Ocean Transport
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Title: lithium cell Ocean transport

Keywords: A Guide To Shipping llithium cell Ocean transport From China


Along with the energy sector development and growth, lithium batteries has been deeply into people’s lives. Cars, mobile phones, laptop computers and other tools are inseparable from the lithium batteries support. Due to its features of the sensitive goods, IATA IMO organizations continue to strengthen rules of battery and packaging requirements during transport.

3 Common Modes for Lithium Batteries Transportation

There are three methods of shipping lithium battery including ocean freight, air freight and courier service.

Types of Lithium Battery

Lithium metal battery – Anode is lithium metal or lithium mixture.

Li-ion battery – With Lithium compound used as the anode, it is reusable and the most common type of lithium battery used in consumer applications.

With batteries widely used in industry of consumer electronics, many accidents have taken place during transportation. Therefore, IATA IMO Organization continues to strengthen the battery about the aviation and maritime transport and packaging requirements.

There are square lithium (phone and tablet batteries) and cylindrical battery (18650 batteries, used in vape) basing on its shape.

Because lithium has the characteristics of easily from chemical reaction, unstable state, and is combustible, if handling roughly during transportation, it may lead to accident like burning.

And bad packaging and nonstandard handling during transport has became an increasingly hot topic, many international organizations have published regulations and requirements.

Basic Requirement of Packaging Transportation

Lithium battery must be packed properly according DRG dangerous regulations, and display UN number on the packaging.

Proper packaging and labeling dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Declaration

Requirements Of Air Freight and Sea Freight

1. Battery shipment must pass UN test and package drop test from the height of 1.2 m.

2. Dangerous goods declaration

3. Attach a tag of dangerous goods on packaging.

4. Lithium batteries design can prevent cracking and there are effective measures against outer shorter-circuits.

5. The packaging is strong enough to stand shock and rough handling and other inner packaging materials is to avoid short circuits among batteries of the same packaging.

(Use what king material of packaging view this post Proper Packaging Materials).

6. Additional requirements for electronic product with inner battery.

a.Keep battery fixed inside in box, not capable of being moving, and not allow being activated during the transportation.

b.Packed in waterproof material or using waterproof interior lining.

7. Large amount battery cargo should be placed in the tray, which is helpful for mechanical handling.

8. One single parcel should weight less than 35 kg.